Monday, March 15, 2010

Coming in October!

Here we go again!! See our little bean?

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crazy life

Ya, I know. I don't keep this up to date :-) I have a moment though Lydia is in bed and I actually have a bit of energy left, so here we go.

Brandon is working again finally. He's at Magelen Health now, customer service and it sounds like an interesting job. He seems to like it ok so far. Brandon also keeps me on my toes with his Diabetes. We need to do better to keep him healthy and every once in a while something happens to remind us we can do better. Oh well, it's all a learning experience.

Lydia has turned 1 on Sept 5th and is growing and learning so well, I am so proud of her.

She started opening presents first thing and emptied a box to find what to wear (such a girl :-)

Then She got a dresser/closet from Grandma and Grandpa Bigham and she was nervous to open the drawers. :-) so funny! She has been carrying around that purse she got ever since.

Lydia is also a walker now! I thought crawling kept me busy, but no. Goodness, she is quick! She just carries her purse around or anything that looks like it could be a purse (flip flops :-) or gets into all the new things she can reach like drawers in the bathroom! Agh!! :-)
Sad thing though, Lydia has been teething and it's pretty hard on her. She just got in her 3rd moler and the 4th is swollen ready to come soon. She also seems like she's getting the cold that's making the rounds. Gotta hate that. She's so horse she can barely talk (well, baby talk). She's is still generally happy though, not much gets this kid down :-)

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Look at her go!

It's so fun, Lydia has been learning to crawl for a couple weeks now mostly on other people's carpet but it seems like just the last few days she has really figured out she can go places and get things. She still doesn't like our wood floor so that's why we have a blanket down. Her knees are so red today. Even on our laps she is trying to crawl away and get something- the grass is always greener on the other... lap :-) It's a little bitter sweet because she is happy, and I'm glad she is progressing so well, but I love just holding her and cuddling her on my lap without her trying to run away. She has always been such a content baby that I was spoiled. She is still wonderful though and I'll probably pine for her to be just crawling when she walks :-) I love each new stage so much so it will be great!

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Around our Christmas tree (which I left till february) was a train I got for Christmas 2007 that just went around and whistled and everything. One day I sat Lydia by it and she just watched it go around and around waiting for it to come back and got excited every time.

Then we went to a train museum with the kids and she was looking at them- They are huge and it was bright but it was fun. All the kids loved it, we'll have to go back when the rest of the cars are open.


Lydia is very funny. She has started squaking to get attention then if someone talks back to her she keeps doing it :-) She and Melody went back and forth like this for like 5 minutes so I had to grab a bit of video.

She has also started blowing raspberries with her lips. She licks them all slobbery and blows it all over me. It's pretty messy but so funny. With all these noises I'm trying to get her to imitate other ones too but she just thinks I'm silly and watches, or maybe she is bored of me because she laughs so readily for everyone else :-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're here!

I finally have started a blog. Not that I keep up with my myspace or facebook as well as I plan but I will try to do this. It looks like fun :-)
Lydia is changing so fast it seems like I blink and she's doing something new, it's really bitter sweet. Thankfully she isn't crawling yet so I have a little more time to get our house babyproofed.